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Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to help build relationships
with consumers and clients. Ask yourself one question. Is your company
using social media to its greatest potential?  Utilizing the online world of
social media allows you to reach a broader consumer base and expand
internationally. Social media is the gateway to learning how to:

• Initiate and integrate online conversations
• Market Research
• Support Consumers
• Opportunity to solicit feedback from consumers
• Develop strategies that will engage your audience
• Create and plan marketing campaigns that include tools such as Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.
• Calculate your companies ROI

Design I believes in integrating a little social media in your life. As individuals we use
it to share ideas and make connections with people every day. Making social media
apart of everyday business could be the boost your company needs to succeed.

Contact us today to develop a social media strategy for your business.
We offer training workshops/seminars for individuals and groups. Don't have time
to set it up yourself? We can do it for you through our social media management program.

Training Workshops

We offer one-on-one training and small to large group workshops. Our workshops cover
a variety of topics that are related to doing business online and interacting with customers
and clients and even creating B2B relationships interacting online.

Social Media Management

Through our social media management program we will setup your profiles on the social media
web sites that will be most beneficial to your business and reach the most consumers and clients.
We will give you the tools you will need to engage with consumers and develop long lasting relationships.