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Why Design I?

Tamara Fisher

Design I Media, LLC is a full service advertising agency. We specialize in marketing, brand & identity, web & graphic design. Our agency offers a variety of multimedia services for individuals and small to large businesses. Design I is located in Tampa, FL and is a company that takes pride in developing innovative ways to enhance identity through visual communication.

Design I's approach applies knowledge from over 15 years of experience to every project Design I undertakes. Design I is dedicated in collaborating with you to deliver a powerful brand and a great experience, with a level of responsiveness unmatched in the industry. We believe in partnering and educating clients on brand development and social media.

Tamara Fisher, President/Creative Director of Design I Media has a background in media as a visual journalist for over 10 years. She has worked as visual artist for newspapers such as The Tampa Tribune, The News-Press and The News & Observer.

Over the years she has expanded her growth as a designer and constistently stays on top of current multimedia trends and continued her education. Years after obtaining her bachelors degree in multimedia, Tamara went back to school and became a web developer in 2008.

Tamara wanted to share her knowledge with others and began freelancing as a designer in 2008 and rapidly began gaining more and more clients, which led to the growth of Design I Media.

Tamara is passionate about the work and believes in helping companies succeed.
By sharing her expertise hands-on, she provides clients with the assurance that
they are getting professional customer service and a quality product. Clients are also
left with the knowledge that will help in the growth of their company.

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